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What do you get when you combine three like-minded creatives driven by a passion for great design & beautiful visuals?! A full service branding and visual communications team striving to help shape your brand and tell your story. Our three specialties; graphic design, photography, & web design, cover the full spectrum of branding tools essential for your business!

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Sure, you could hire freelance artists for each of these individual specialties, but here at Notch, we’re all at the table to ensure these essential elements work together in harmony. It’s a process that requires a creative vision, attention to detail, and some good old fashion teamwork.

Notch Design House will make an indent on your brand, creating the visual language you’ll use to tell your story.

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Danica Cusack

Chloe Hardcastle

Katie Kashiwa

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Photography was always something that intrigued me, even as a child. It only took a large student loan and a job I dreaded every day to finally pursue a creative career. My photography style has been evolving ever since but just in the last couple of years have I really discovered what serves me. There’s nothing I love more than getting to create a story out of the product you are proud of or document you doing what you love to do. Put me in a studio with a camera in hand, some tunes on my Spotify, and a little creative freedom and all is right in my world.

gemini  |  enneagram 9

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From a very young age, I’ve always loved all things creative. Whether that was sneaking out of science class to go make magnets for my locker, or sketching out what I wanted my storefront to look like, it only makes sense that my passion for design followed through to this day and age. With my love for adventure and travel, I'm able to spark my creativity to create intentional designs rooted in heart & soul. Being able to mix my passion for design with travel allows me to gather inspiration and insight on how good branding is done all over the globe. 


How are you?

My love for graphic design took root in high school when I began creating custom t-shirts for my classmates and selling them for pocket money. Following high school, I attended Portland State University and obtained my B.A. in psychology. However, it was that spark from high school t-shirt sales that drove me to pursue higher education in the field of graphic design. Today, I draw on both backgrounds; one of creativity and technical knowhow and the other rooted in the human condition. My marketing and designs are intuitive and are created in the way people think.

taurus |  ENNEAGRAM 6

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ways we can help you

Web Design & Development / Photography / Logo
Design & Branding / Copywriting / Packaging
& Print Design / Illustration / Art Direction

Web Design & Development / Photography / Logo Design & Branding / Copywriting / Packaging
& Print Design / Illustration /
Art Direction


At Notch, each of our services provide a custom-tailored experience rooted in intentional design. By working side-by-side with you throughout the design concept and development stages, we can create a brand that will tell your story and help you connect with audiences for years to come.

It's all about what makes us who we are. 

Here at Notch, we believe it's all about the smallest of details. It's what drives our inspiration to keep on creating. We'll be here every step of the way to ensure your brand is everything you could've dreamed of. We are dedicated to helping you stand out with sophisticated and timeless branding, clever web design, and an overall experience that has you leaving feeling like family.

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"Working with Notch Design House has helped my business tremendously! They are very creative, great with communication, work quickly, and always have a positive attitude. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope to continue working with them for many years to come!"


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"Notch Design House has helped my business tremendously..."


"I have worked with Notch for about a year now and I can honestly say that they are collectively some of the most professional and talented women I have ever worked with. They are genuine, highly skilled and overall just lovely humans. I hope to continue my working relationship with them because they have become crucial to my small business! XO"


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"I have worked with Notch for about a
year now..."


"I've used Notch Design House both for photo and branding services and have been so happy with my experience with the company. Danica on the photo side made me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and my photoshoots with her provided me with a ton of options to choose from. When I decided to do a logo rebrand I knew I wanted to use Notch again and am really happy that I did so. They went above and beyond to know my inspirations, and what I was trying to convey with my brand refresh. I can't say enough good things about working with Notch and will definitely use them again in the future."

jenNIFER riggs | CEO OF thread honey

kind words

"I've used Notch Design House both for photo and branding services..."

jenNIFER riggs | CEO OF thread honey

"Katie & Chloe were so easy and awesome to work with!! They did a logo design for my business and it turned out exactly how I dreamed it would! They made sure to ask all of the right questions and get a good feel for what I was going for before creating which made me feel like they really cared about my vision. I recommend Notch to everyone now!!!"

will bales | CEO OF borah studios

kind words

"Katie & Chloe were so easy and awesome to work with!!..."


"Notch was an absolute delight to work with! They are super creative and always have the best attitude. They are quick with a smile and a laugh and keep the energy flowing! The creative ideas they came up with surpassed my expectations and we zeroed in on the final idea right away."

Director, Creative Services
at The Walt Disney Studios |
International Marketing

kind words

"Notch was an absolute delight to work with!"

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